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Brandi Jo Newman
Brandi Jo Newman

A few things you should know about me... First, I am a non-conformist. The way things have been done are not always the best way.

Teaching golf successfully is an art and a science. As is saving and making money. Understanding the basic core fundamentals is the key to success.

I teach golf from an understanding of biomechanics and kinematic sequence. I use technology to measure your current patterns. We talk about goals, time commitment and your approach to learning... Which is similar to how you go about life in general.

I charge on a time commitment. We structure a monthly, quarterly or annual package that works for you.

You may be wondering why I chose to teach golf for a living and how I transitioned from the financial services world...

Golf has always been my passion but I found myself being pulled towards the large financial rewards of the investment and insurance world. Playing on the Symetra Tour during my 20s while going around the world twice gave me the opportunity to meet a wide array of people and learn from their cultures.

My touring career definitely helped me open doors and close business in my financial services business.

Now being able to choose my own path while enjoying the pursuit of happiness I am teaching full time and sharing my experiences with my junior golfers and women business owners.

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